ABC Has a Recording of Donald Trump Yelling 'Take Her Out' About Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

Dangerman1/24/2020 12:18:41 pm PST

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Yeah, it seems like they want a legislator. All I hear about is how great Bernie’s record is compared to the others which isn’t totally true- just ask Hispanic-Americans in Texas about Sierra Blanca or the people who protested Kosovo in his office. Now the latter I think were wrong to do so but he actually had them arrested. The fact is Bernie is a politician like the rest of them who tries to sell himself as this old man who is righteously angry with Washington as usual. He’s been here 30 years. He hasn’t impacted much positive change. He’s had amble opportunity to sponsor bills. And I don’t lke hearing excuses about the composition of Congress either. Teddy Kennedy and Barney Frank got progressive legislation passed. Bernie just seems to care about Bernie and I can’t express how terrible a trait that is for someone who wants to be POTUS.

i think we’re agreeing.

i was responding mostly to this part ” The thing that frustrates me about Sanders is that he like Trump surrounds himself only with admirers not people who have the courage to tell him when he’s wrong or being too stubborn.”