FBI Investigates 'Suspicious Incident' in Virginia

cliffster3/24/2010 12:34:00 pm PDT

re: #86 Killgore Trout

Yes it certainly does. In that article there are 8 links. two of which go to think progress articles. You claim they are misrepresenting their sources but failed to provide an example.

Several of the first links are to other thinkprogress articles, those are the ones I clicked on. And from there, they are mostly self-linking, and the text of the links are very misleading. I would throw away everything you read on that website because it’s all liberal spin.

But there are also links to local websites. Let me put it to you another way. There is no way that it is a good idea for Republican leaders to fall over themselves to take ownership of these incidents, and that’s exactly what they would be doing if they were to use the verbiage you’d like for them to do. They should condemn them, but in the same sense that Democrats should condemn them.