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Targetpractice11/30/2018 9:44:08 pm PST

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Ronald Reagan and John Wayne missed the war for BS reasons, citing bone spurs would have gotten you slapped.

I’ll don my devil’s advocate robes for a sec to speak in Wayne’s defense. He was 34 and the breadwinner for a family of 5 when WWII started, so he started the war with a 3-A (family hardship) deferment. And he got his breakthrough film role in ‘39, actually getting cast against the studio’s wishes, and worried that joining the war would mean aging him out of the big roles he was now being cast for. Finally, he applied for and got accepted to the Army billet set aside for the OSS, but they didn’t have a current address for him and so sent it to his estranged wife’s house.

So yeah, he didn’t serve, but it wasn’t because he was a coward who wanted to avoid actual combat.