Exquisite Classical Guitar Performance: Zsófia Boros - Nocturne (Mathias Duplessy)

Chrysicat1/25/2020 5:38:34 am PST

re: #104 LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)

All presidents issue them. But yes I really worry about how effective he would be and open us up to another 2010 or 2016 situation where Republicans take advantage of amnesia and frustration.

Yes, that’s the other issue. Without a filibuster-proof Dem senate, which he ain’t getting because I think there are barely enough Rs up for election even if we swept, we’re looking at either McTurtle or Aunt Lindsey vowing to make him a one-term president. And Rs just get more fascist every cycle, so giving them back the presidency to go with what will almost certainly be an R senate again would be…extra bad. The country could survive 41 because he was the least caretaker “caretaker president” we’ve had, and started pulling left from Reagan, and Carter; because 41 was additionally succeeded by a man who’d have been in the middle of Eisenhower’s Republican party, and because the country was still basically at its high-water mark when Reagan stole the office. A caretaker admin after the Trump reign of error would leave the country in approximately the relative state of 1781 Poland, if not 1990 Yugoslavia.