A Duo From Outer Space: DOMi & JD Beck, "Bathroom"

Anymouse 🌹🏡2/12/2020 11:33:26 pm PST

Complaints of misrepresenting products as medical therapy do not go to the FDA. They go to the Federal Trade Commission.

I made a formal complaint against Jim Bakker there.

On the 20 Feb 2020 segment of the Jim Bakker Show, he made the claim that the colloidal silver product he sells will kill the novel coronavirus currently spreading in China. His guest also claimed colloidal silver will “boost your immune system.” They made claims that it has been tested on other strains of coronaviruses and kills them within twelve hours. She and Mr. Bakker are also calling the virus “influenza.” Right Wing Watch saved the clip from the show where they made the claims: