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HappyWarrior5/15/2019 6:43:57 am PDT

re: #106 DangerMan

more on scale of time
sometimes i think about how far back just one live generation goes

i was lucky to have all four grandparents - all born in the 1890’s
- my dad went into business with his dad
when we graduated, my brother and i went in with them and for 6 years, three generations were practicing together. my grandfather happily worked until the day he died in 1985 at 91.
- my mom’s dad lived to 94
- mom’s mom to 105 in 1999

point of all this is i was lucky to know three of my grandparents for a very long time.
that’s direct - me to them. i am who i am because of how we evolved together and because of what i learned from them of at least some parts of life and the world before i existed.

so going back just one live link, how far back did their individual lives span? did they know their grands and other folks? for how long? how much history of that prior world were they exposed to? that question is lost to time

I wonder about this kind of stuff too. From what I have discovered, I think my Nana(father’s mother), I think her parents were living with her mother’s widowed mother and her mother’s then unmarried brother at the time of her birth in 1912. I also know that their great grandmother (their mother’s paternal grandmother) was living with an aunt that lived nearby when my Nana’s older brother and sister were born in 1903 and 1905. I have her obituary. She only spoke Irish. This was a lady who certainly knew people born in the 18th century whose granddaughter’s children still impact us today in the 21st. I don’t know what kind of person third Great Nana Bridget was but her life fascinates me.