The Bob Cesca Podcast: Nation of Suckers

Targetpractice11/27/2019 5:01:52 am PST

re: #107 goddamnedfrank

They’re never going to convict in the Senate because Republicans are trash who are actively trying to tear down our democracy because they can’t win free and fair elections. We have to make them own Trump’s flagrant corruption and abuse of power.

Mitch McConnell has already tied everyone up, he’s turned the Senate into a legislative graveyard.

First of all this is cynical cowardly advice, just giving up on impeachment for a flagrant abuse of power, bribery and extortion sends the message that Democrats won’t fight for the country because Republicans live inside an impenetrable walled garden filled with ignorance where facts aren’t allowed to take root. Secondly, we can do both, nothing precludes making the case for impeachment on the current charges while continuing to go after Trump’s financial crimes. Thirdly, everyone here should realize is that you absolutely never argue in good faith, and if you genuinely thought this issue was a loser for Democrats in 2020 you’d be thrilled to see this pass the House and go to the Senate.

Concern trolls gotta concern…and troll.