The Bob Cesca Podcast: Don't Mess With Me

Jay C12/05/2019 6:11:31 pm PST

re: #95 Eventual Carrion

re: #89 The Pie Overlord!

This seems like a great idea.

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And I hope they wipe their asses with the subpoenas and send them back to tRump and company.

It may sound ludicrous: but I got an unpleasant feeling reading this: because it seems like an all-too-credible blueprint for how the Trump Team* is going to be handling the Senate trial. Which is probably to turn it, deliberately, into a volume-turned-to-eleven circus of bluster, fake-outrage, insult, deflection, conspiracy theory - the whole Trump Act: as loud and offensive as possible. And giving the entire process not the least shred of legitimacy or respect, never mind dignity or formality. Which they will do, knowing the game is rigged from the get-go. And whether John Roberts is on the dais trying to keep order or not is irrelevant: he can’t - practically - do shit for or against Trump, so it won’t matter.

*including every Republican officeholder