The Ron Paul Tea Parties

KingKenrod4/15/2009 11:36:14 am PDT

re: #64 Killgore Trout

As demonstrated in the previous thread: RON PAUL RALLY, SOUTH LAWN, US CAPITOL, WASHINGTON DC: APRIL 15, 2008

The Paulians have been holding Tax Day Tea Parties for years. They are not infiltrating a mainstream conservative movement. It’s the other way around. Mainstream conservatives are joining a fringe movement. Conservatives are the interlopers, not the Paulians. The same costumes, colonial theme, the same economic agenda, the same predictions of economic doom of the empire, the same blather about the Constitution. You are becoming them.

This is a hysterical overstatement. Just my opinion, but most of the people attending the tea parties are just regular conservatives who know or care nothing about Ron Paul’s agenda, but are mad at America for electing leftists to the White House and Congress. They see this as a chance to be heard and start the pendulum back in the other direction. There’s no question these rallies are going to draw plenty of kooks looking for cameras, but most of these people will never attend another rally.