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ausador10/15/2012 7:31:22 pm PDT

Had to be a poe, and a very successful one apparently…since it got picked up by HuffPo. (06/18/2012)

So an Ohio man sent in a letter to the editor…

Ohio Man Demands State Revoke ‘Bisexual’ Buckeye’s Status As State Tree

“The buckeye is our state tree and most of us gladly wear the nickname, “buckeyes.” But it is shameful and unacceptable that a bisexual tree should represent us! We are flaunting the Holy Bible!

I urge everyone to contact their state representative and demand legislation removing the buckeye as our state tree and condemning the use of the term “buckeye” as a nickname for residents of Ohio.”

In the article it explains of the Buckeye tree that “it bears male, female and bisexual flowers on the same tree.”

Sigh…please let it be a poe…