Seth Meyers: Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends With More Damning Evidence

KGxvi11/22/2019 2:27:54 pm PST

re: #106 Jay C

According to Wiki, the ink is there to hide scars she got in combat in Afghanistan: along with a Purple Heart (helo pilot).

So I guess the GOPers can go dig out their old Purple Heart Band-Aids from 2004 to insult yet another veteran…

Unfortunately, while Hegar sounds like a excellent choice (and worth contributing to), I wouldn’t want to bet too much on her chances against Cornyn next year. Not that she’s a BAD candidate: she just suffers from a political malady all too common on the (D) side in this era: inexperience. The Dem bench - especially in some “red” states is all too shallow. Nothing against MJ, but with little on her (non-military) resume except “failed Congressional candidate”, it’s going to be a strenuous uphill battle against an entrenched politician with a statewide machine (and unlimited funding) backing him up.

Maybe, maybe not. Cornyn doesn’t have a great approval rating - according to morning consult he’s actually got a lower approval rating than Cruz at the moment. And Trump’s approval rating is pretty low for a Republican in Texas (as in low single digits on most days). There may be a negative coattails effect for Republicans in 2020.

Hopefully she and other Texas Democrats learned from Beto’s run in 2018 and will be working to bring in new Democratic voters. It’d also be nice if the DNC were willing/able to spend some funds expanding the playing field.