VIDEO: A Surprising Development for Once: Mitt Romney Says He'll Vote to Convict Trump

Targetpractice2/05/2020 12:50:45 pm PST

re: #107 EPR-radar

I don’t care about it not stopping Trump, because that was never a possibility in the first place.

But not having his ‘perfect’ exoneration from the Senate will send Twitler into a rug-chewing rage. Wouldn’t it be a shame if that excess was bad for his health?

Ayeah, consider how he’s spent weeks boasting that not a single Republican in the House voted to impeach him and there were Democrats who even voted against it. That was what he expected to do after today, go around boasting that he’d sailed through the entire way without a single defection and thus the entire thing had been “partisan” from start to finish. It’s not going to stop him from claiming that the whole thing was “partisan,” but after today it certainly stops him from insisting that not a single Republican voted against him.