In Which the President* of the US Releases 46 Minutes of Whining, Ranting, and Conspiracy Theories on Video

Yeah Sure WhatEVs12/02/2020 6:51:00 pm PST

re: #105 i(m)p(each)sos

All of this, yes.

The way it’s being treated as a legitimate political hearing by the Republican leadership that should be showing more responsibility.

The completely cavalier way the Democratic minority (only a minority because of gerrymandering) is being neutered by the majority.

And you know what else?

The fact that it’s just another tiny bit of Bullshit Theater getting almost no national attention when it should be front and center as an example of just how fucking bad everything has become.

I’ll go one better. Alito is holding out on the deciding to hear the Pennsylvania bullshit to see what happens in the states. If the states succeed alito will fuck us all.

This is very dangerous gound we’re walking. And it’s all on Republicans.