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Anymouse 🌹🏡😷2/20/2021 1:41:15 am PST

The Sidney VA Clinic called yesterday to give me information and ask if I was having any trouble following my hand surgery.

I have not needed my pain medication, despite my hand being sliced open from the top joint of my index finger down to near my wrist.

However, I passed along I am still having difficulty and pain walking following my hand surgery. Boring details of why I can’t walk after a hand surgery behind the hide button.

Like previous surgeries on my hands, the VA put inflatable devices around my legs to prevent blood clots which later could injure me.

This time they used a different device, which consists of three inflatable rings, one set for each leg. They inflate and deflate in sequence to keep venous blood moving up the leg.

I don’t know what the hell they did with this thing, but it squeezed so hard it severely bruised my legs in the places where the rings were placed. Apparently the squeezing was too hard, injuring something sufficiently that I have severe leg pain and can barely walk.

Sidney scheduled a special appointment for me Monday with the orthopaedic clinic to take a look at my legs after my second Moderna shot.

In all the risks the surgeon went over prior to starting, “leg injury” was not on his list for “hand surgery.”

Sidney also scheduled an unrelated appointment based on my pre-op tests and to give me something to worry about.