Pat Buchanan Promotes 9/11 'Truth'

Sharmuta9/15/2009 3:14:30 pm PDT

re: #95

Conservatives and conservative media types need to stop giving the kooks a platform; and start looking for rational conservatives to promote. They exist. I know they must exist, those of us here cannot be the only ones in the country, and at least some of them must be in positions of influence. Where are they? The conservative media is doing a great disservice to the “cause” when they give a platform to these folks.

The moderates have all been demonized as RINOs!1! This is why the purge mentality is so dangerous- it leaves us with who exactly? It leaves us with Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan apparently. Now our right-wing heroes are Joe Wilson and Joe the Plumber. Meanwhile- intelligent republicans like David Frum are shunned.

And then there’s Peggy Noonan- who was trashed far and wide for her opinions on Sarah Palin, but the moment she says something the rabid-wing wants to hear, she is likewise held up as a hero and all criticisms of her from last year are forgotten. I just don’t see a lot of intellectual honesty going on in the right at this time, and it’s dearly costing the party.