Why I Left the Right, John Birch Society at CPAC Edition

keloyd1/27/2010 10:59:38 am PST

I’m trying to remember… someone on the Sunday morning news shows or maybe the Wall Street Journal or NPR found a repeating pattern amid all this nonsense.

This mystery person said the party in power will have the relevant left-right factions battling over for taxes, foreign entanglements, civil rights, etc. Compromise will always be only among the factions within the party in power. The party out of power has almost always resorted to wingnuttery/moonbatification. Apparently it is true of the Republicans now, the Democrats in 1995 (to a lesser extent, and covered with less glee by the media), all the way back to the 19th century anti-Catholic, anti-Freemason zealots and know-nothings. Surely some lizard with more spare time and a longer memory than me can figure out who said this? I will pay One. Million. Dollars. an upding.