Video: Christine O'Donnell's Idiotic Statement on the Establishment Clause

acacia10/19/2010 9:20:59 pm PDT

re: #104 blueraven
I’m not going to argue with you except to say that in my opinion spending and printing money is a horrible idea to try to get our economy on track. Most people know this and are in fact going to vote that way. The anti incumbent and anti tax and spend feeling is a very real and powerful sentiment whether one agrees or not. Although I know it is only anecdotal, I can’t tell you how many hard core liberals that I know who are suddenly singing an entirely different tune now when it comes to economic (not social) issues. I live in an area that is particularly hard hit with the economy and is traditionally Democratic so that may have something to do with it. Anyway, I’ve never seen such a swing in thinking which makes me believe that the predictions of sweeping changes in the elections are probably true. More to the point, all this focus on a candidate’s positions on social issues is a waste of time because that is not what people are focused on - meaning tea party types have a good chance of gaining broad support regardless of less than broad support on social issues.