A genius nation fighting against its own intelligence

francis9/28/2013 3:10:10 am PDT

re: #7 andres

How many insurance companies do you know that are non profit?

For your information there is a law on the books in Nevada that casinos do not have to pay winners . So much for government regulation. The casinos pay because they have a built in profit and they must pay their investors.

I do use common sense, when you start a program that isn’t right it will cost more money to operate it. I don’t object to Obamacare, I object to them putting out a flawed plan that can possibly ruin the medical industry.
ACA is forcing companies to drop coverage on employees and leaving it up to uninformed individuals to get their own insurance. Do you think everyone out there knows what they are doing when it comes to health insurance?
I don’t know anything about macro economics, you mentioned that. What I do know is when you sell something for a dollar and it cost you 50 cents and another 48 cents to sell it you make 2 cents, if it cost you 52 cents to sell it you lose 2 cents. Insurance companies are not in business to lose money, even non profit companies.
Simple, if we didn’t have to pay out 46 cents of every tax dollar for our debt, do you think there would be any fiscal debate over Obamacare?

Liberals feel more than you think, try putting the two together.