Texas Gun Rights Groups Issue Statement on Open Carry, Clarify Stance on Long Gun Carry

ObserverArt5/22/2014 4:01:30 pm PDT


You had asked in the main thread going to carry some of the discussion here. So, here is a response I made in that thread before reading that you wanted to continue here.

I had asked if they had open carry in Dodge City Kansas back at the turn of the century.

You answered:

Maybe not, why? My context is where the law allows and the local culture (if thats the word) is accepting.

So my comment in the thread was:

Just wondering that’s all. I’m trying to get some context as to why during the last 20 or more years open carry is so all important? I’d like a little history as to how we managed as a country to grow like we did, get as far as we did and did it without open carry laws and some of the other gun control issues we have today.

I have an older brother, now 74 and he is a gun rights activist. But only recently. He has always liked guns, but never a peep out of him until the last twenty or so years. Boy, do I have a gun story about him. I remember it like it happened yesterday, and I doubt he even understands how his own overblown reaction to a simple crime was both dangerous and stupid, it helped set me in the opposite direction.

Again…he never worried about open carry. Now he is all for it? It almost seems like it is a combination of fashion, safety in numbers thinking and pure hatred politics.