Preventing Poverty Not Allowed As A Goal for Charity

1Peter G17/28/2014 8:27:12 am PDT

re: #10 Jayleia

No I didn’t. I said it could. Which is why all charities should be audited in a timely fashion. You have much to learn about this subject. It was thought that making charity or non-profit board members personally responsible for financial defalcations would ensure sufficient incentive for them to provide proper oversight. That applies to everything from OXFAM to a soft ball league. That turned out to be a deeply flawed plan since all it did was provide incentive to hide defalcations. It is kind of amazing how many treasurers have gambling problems.

What I did say was that a lot of charities in Canada spend a disproportionate amount of the funds on their very well paid staffs . And that’s true. Many use contract fundraisers and settle for a tiny fraction of the revenue raised. And I will reiterate, charities in Canada should all be audited as to where those funds are spent. Every damn penny. The louder they moan about how noble they are the more frequently they should be audited.