Oh No, Not Again Already! LAPD Shoots, Kills Black Man During 'Investigative Stop'

CuriousLurker8/13/2014 11:46:42 am PDT

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I might be tempted to agree with you except for those quotation marks around the words investigative stop. Those rather convincingly suggest you believe that an investigative stop is some sort of euphemism for something else. So much for caution.

The quotation marks were used in both RWC’s headline and the one at HuffPo because it was a direct quotation from an LAPD news release and that’s one of the things quotation marks are for.

Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR14309lp

Los Angeles: On Monday, August 11, 2014, around 8:20 pm, Newton Patrol Division officers conducted an investigative stop in the 200 block of West 65th Street. […]

Are you in the habit of commenting without even bothering to read the associated article, or do you not understand basic punctuation rules?