Radical Saudi Royalty funding Ground Zero MegaMosque

Killgore Trout8/20/2010 4:49:41 pm PDT

re: #9 captdiggs

I think there’s a vast difference between taking money on a voluntary basis as a donation , and someone buying stock in the free markets of the world.
I certainly remember Giuliani’s refusal to accept the prince’s money after 9/11.

Now, I ask again, how can any company, be it FOX or Apple, restrict stock sales in an open market?

You are also ignoring that Murdoch invests in Al-Waleed’s companies too. Their relationship is reciprocal. Al-Waleed made some rather offensive comments after 9-11. He also has a financial relationship to the mosque and fox news. I thought you guys were interested in where the money for the mosque is coming from. Now we know.