Scary Jew Shadow Threatens Mosque

Mad Prophet Ludwig5/27/2011 9:13:20 am PDT

re: #10 sliv_the_eli

I agree with the sentiment. That said, the said reality is that the views of many toward Israel will be unaffected by what we say, since it is merely a projection onto the State of Israel of the blind anti-Semitism that was directed against individual Jews and Diaspora Jewish communities for 2,000 years before the modern State arose in the face of the Arabs’ attempt to wipe it out. It is more important, therefore, in my view, that we act upon those sentiments regardless of whether our reiteration of them convinces anyone of their truth.

Yes, but the one thing that history has taught me as a Jew is that step one is always having US agree on the priorities and to hell with the rest of ‘em. The haters will not care in any case. The ones on the fence might be swayed by the actual truth of things if stated with half the passion that the Arabs scream their lies.

In either case, it is not the job of the nations to give or take what is ours. It is our job to not be ashamed of demanding what is ours with one voice.

It is not theirs.

It never was.

It is ours.

MY birthright.