For the LGF Dads

Eclectic Cyborg6/19/2011 5:43:56 pm PDT

I hit a rough patch with my old man when he walked out on my mother around 7 years ago. At first I was angry partially because I didn’t understand why and partially because of the venom my mom was spewing about him.

When I told my mom I was going to marry my girlfriend and move to the US she told me flatly I did not have her blessing and she thought I was making a huge mistake.

My dad on the other hand supported me and that’s what led to the mending of fences between us. He treated me like a man, an adult. My mother still saw her little boy. One of my fondest wedding memories is having breakfast with my dad the morning of the ceremony.

My mom initially said she would not attend if I invited “him”. I said screw that. I am inviting both of you and if you dont go its on you, not me. She flip flopped until the day before the wedding and finally decided to go.

Dad and I have a good relationship again.