Jewish newspaper's editor resigns over Obama assassination column

CuriousLurker1/24/2012 12:55:42 pm PST

re: #9 Bob Levin

I watched it again and still feel the same.

As for the comments, they’re typical of YouTube. The guy who posted the original video of POTUS singing Al Green had to block all comments because of the vicious racism. Naturally, any mention of Islam or Muslims on YouTube (or anywhere that isn’t strictly moderated) results in incredibly ugly, violent comments. I almost never read comments anymore.

That said, the obvious and rampant anti-Semitism & hatred of Israel is one of the reasons that I felt both Mr. Adler’s original disastrous article was so potentially harmful—it lends credence to the whole suspect loyalty, Israel-Firster thing. Plus, there are unwell people out there who might interpret such things as a call to action. Unfortunately, Mr. Adler’s subsequent…what?…I guess I’d say myopic apology wasn’t exactly helpful. A more self-aware apology might have helped with regular folks, but haters are gonna hate no matter what, so… *shrug*

What a mess. I just want it to be over. One man showed exceedingly bad judgement and screwed up royally. It should reflect on him and no one else. He’s resigned, and (hopefully) no lasting damage has been done other than that which he inflicted on himself, so let’s move on. At least that’s how I look at it.