Can we have an honest discussion about Assange?

mr.JA8/17/2012 3:01:57 am PDT

re: #4 Daniel Ballard

Repeated from a thread earlier

The issue I have with Assange is the harm done to good works that must also remain secret. He has this naive assumption that if there were no secrets the world would be wonderful. WRONG. If the west had no military or strategic goals the world would be far better off. Wrong again.

His biggest flaw however is that smug certainty the he knows better than all the rest of us in these matters. Has no fear of consequences for others from his actions.

Disagree. The world would probably be better off, but the WEST would be worst off if there weren’t any secrets and strategic goals. If the resource-wars are clear to everyone, people in the middle-east and africa would have kicked-out the west a long time ago.
Yes, that would harm our lifestyle, and would mean that we couldn’t buy ipads and whatever, but it would also mean that the resources on this world are spend in a little less west-egocentric way. Do you really think that the presence of the US in the middle east, north-africa, Iraq, Kuweit, pakistan and afganistan have nothing to do with resources and the interests of America in obtaining those resources? Please…