Is Netanyahu planning an October surprise? Using Iran war threat to help GOP?

Locker9/05/2012 6:00:55 pm PDT

re: #4 Destro

There isn’t really the split between Obama and Israel - there seems to be a split between Obama and Netanyahu and Netanyahu is not Israel no matter what his ego may think. That you are OK with this strategy means you/Republicans have serious morality issues.

Ok so Destro… unlike the majority it seems that some of my thoughts may be similar to yours on lots of points you try to make. However, you’re doing yourself more harm than good sometimes and this is a sincere comment which I think may assist.

See the quoted text above… everything was going well until your last sentence. When you start with the “This means This” type of sweeping personal attack you change your readers focus from your point to a strong reaction to this statement.

Not saying I never do it, Not saying you are a “bad boy” (or girl) for your paragraph structure. I know it’s hard not to react when you feel strongly, believe me. I’m just trying to help you sharpen your point.

On a side note I can tell you that while researchok (or she) and I have lots of stuff we overlap on and a lot of stuff we don’t… I have never, ever, ever felt that he had a “morality issue”. Strong words.