The Caracal Battalion, Israel's co-ed combat unit, wins praise after battle with militants

Destro9/27/2012 7:34:14 am PDT

re: #9 Dark_Falcon

I don’t know why the issue of body armor came up.

All I said is modern weapons make it easier for women and children to utilize said weapons - I offered no morality if that is a good or bad thing - only a utilitarian observation.

Light weight weapons, easy to maintain, means civilians need less training and less strength to wield and use them.

Now having female soldiers in a modern army like Israel does is easier because of the the technology involved which of cause also depends on the attitudes of the civilization in question to having women be in charge of men in combat, etc.

Children have been part of war in the past but because of their physical limitations they served as musicians (very important to a marching army) or messenger riders (light on fast horses) or as mess/water boys. Now thanks to the light rifles and rpgs and mortars even children can be used. But I agree, not used well and by irregular armies.