One of the Greatest Lyric Videos Ever: Jason Mraz, "93 Million Miles"

Belafon7/11/2018 6:26:02 am PDT

re: #107 Citizen K

I respect the hell out of Rep. Lewis, and I love the sentiment. I just don’t believe it at all anymore. We’ve seen just how all encompassing, all powerful, and impenetrable hate and spite really are, especially as political forces. “Love Trumps Hate” as a political motto in 2016 was possibly the single most naive thing possible in hindsight.

I think you’re reading his statement wrong. He’s not saying hate won’t occur, he’s just saying that hate is a much harder emotion to sustain than love, and that it causes more damage to those that allow it.

And it would have been easy for Lewis to allow hate to take over his life. But he hasn’t. And that’s not the same as not being angry.