The Ron Paul Tea Parties

Athos4/15/2009 11:36:40 am PDT

re: #90 Russkilitlover

I think a lot of the ones in California are primarily focused on the State’s recent rape of the citizens, rather than focused on any of the Obama actions to date. There is a lot of anger in California at being hit with a $52 Billion tax increase. I’ve heard a lot of radio and talked to some folks going to rallys who are directing their ire against a local (well, state, actually) issue moreso than a Federal one.

There is definitely an anger with the state budget issues and the May 19th vote on the propositions that were part of the ‘deal’ could go against passing the ones needed to complete the deal. The fact that the deal was basically a sham and there is an additional $8B or so of deficit that remains doesn’t help either. But there will be a strong message towards the current Administration’s tax and budget policies.

But, bottom line, unless the R leadership changes / get’s smarter, and starts to articulate a cogent vision for the vast majority in the middle (ignoring the demands of the fringe elements), I fear not much will change.