Stephen Colbert Interviews Texas School Board Creationist Don McLeroy

Mattand4/24/2012 2:21:17 pm PDT

re: #91 Lidane


What is it with otherwise intelligent people falling for conspiracy theories? The FB friend of mine who just posted this is an MBA and is generally a smart guy. WTF?

Had a conversation a few years ago with a guy I know who’s an engineer and a teacher. I don’t recall exactly but he said something like that in engineering, you need a set amount of data points (32 sticks in my mind for some reason) before you can proceed on a project.

Half an hour later he’s telling me how UFOs are actually time-travelling humans from a far-flung century, with all the conviction of an 8 year old who knows Santa’s real because he met him at the mall.

Another friend of mine, one of the smartest people I know, is a quasi-truther; thinks we invaded Afghanistan to secure an oil pipeline, but dances around 9/11 when pushed. He’s just asking questions, you know.

Being smart doesn’t protect you from thinking logically if something challenges a deeply held belief, regardless of evidence.