Tuesday Night Slow Blues: Joe Bonamassa, "The Great Flood"

Belafon9/12/2018 7:09:11 am PDT

re: #109 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

I do not want to even think in those terms. And talking about “Blue Wave” is just setting the Dems up for disappointment.

It is all just a collection of individual campaigns that are mostly uphill struggles in previously GOP-controlled states and districts, and each of them has to be fought on the ground by getting as many voters as possible to the polls to help turn this nation around.

It’s a bunch of individual campaigns that are totally affected by how the GOP is functioning right now. Beto wouldn’t be doing this well if Clinton were president. Beto wouldn’t be doing this well if Trump were what people expect a Republican president to be like either; far too many Texas Democrats would go meh.

Note that I couch my statement in “if”. It’s a bit like “If I win the lottery” but far more possible. At the same time, as for 2020, it’ll be the GOPs turn to defend an overwhelming number of seats, 20 I believe.