How Do You Say 'Liar' in German?

Charles Johnson4/25/2009 2:02:13 pm PDT

re: #103 Irish Rose

While visiting the steaming pile of shit I noticed this comment from beagle:

According to a poster at Ace of Spades HQ, Charles is using malware to attack ‘hostile’ IP addresses who click on his blog. And ‘Irish Rose’ is making an enemies list. I don’t know malware from malapropisms, and I never go to LGF any more, but BE CAREFUL. Don’t give him the traffic for one thing. These days his major source of outside traffic is character assassination.

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Where the hell do they get this stuff?

An absolute lie.

‘Beagle’ is another embittered former LGF user, who now makes it his life’s work to go around and smear me at other blogs.