Colin Powell Supports Repealing DADT

darthstar2/03/2010 11:33:46 am PST

re: #102 Dark_Falcon

Nor do I. McCain is worthy of continued support in my eyes. Darthstar is a liberal pacifist, so his views on who would be best for the Senate and what policies are best differ from mine.

Just don’t say “liberal pacifist” like it’s a bad thing. :)

McCain carries a lot of influence in the Senate. He could do a lot of good there if he were to go back to the ‘maverick’ image he used to pride himself on. But he’s digging his heels in on every issue right now, and he’s not exactly doing anything to help Americans in the process. He said before the election that he’d ask the military to repeal DADT if he was president. In 2006 he said he’d support repealing DADT if the military brass wanted it…now they do and he wants them to defer to congress. In other words, he supports the generals when he agrees with them.

So yes, McCain could do a lot of good in the Senate if he wanted to…he obviously doesn’t right now (probably because he fears losing the extreme right of his base).