LIVE: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing - Sondland Continues Blowing Up the Trump Gang

Blind Frog Belly White11/20/2019 10:43:25 am PST

re: #104 Scottish Dragon

Dude is a Trumpist who wants more and better Trump with a just a little less graft.

We don’t gotta like him. We just have to hope he or his arguments are persuasive with Republicans.

Based on an FB discussion with a Republican friend, I think a lot of them are sticking their fingers in their ears and singing “LALALALALALA!!” at the top of their lungs - “I don’t know if Trump did something impeachable. I’m tuning out the whole thing because it’s too partisan”, but one hopes at a certain point it percolates through.

I don’t know if it will. I know that exposing all this is vital to America remaining a democracy, and I know that if Trump is not removed and wins reelection we’re totally fucked. We will not recognize ourselves by 2024.