Shocker: Donald Trump Told Reckless Lies About Coronavirus Today, While the CDC Issued Dire Warnings

retired cynic2/25/2020 1:09:24 pm PST

WaPo In Cold War travels, Bernie Sanders found much to admire behind enemy lines. Now that’s a problem for his campaign.

A comment from 01SoCalGal:

This is perhaps the beginning of Sanders being properly vetted in the media. He wasn’t vetted at all at any time in the 2016 election - while Clinton was repeatedly raked over the coals. Not only is Sanders not a saint, but he’s a fraud as well. I’m waiting for the media to get around to taking a close look at Jane Sanders and Burlington College, and shedding some light on just what she did there. I know the college had to pay her $200k to get her to leave her VP position, but I’d like to know if (1) the reason Sanders didn’t release his taxes was because that $200k was going to show up and he’d have to explain it and (2) if that $200k was used to buy his cottage on 1000 Islands. I suppose both answers are yes. The last I heard little Burlington College went bankrupt, at least partially thanks to Jane Sanders and her poor judgment while VP of the school.

It was possible in 2016 to go online and find nuggets of info about Sanders - a lot of it casting doubt on his character and judgment - but the media wasn’t interested. So today we have the likes of Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore and Cornel West all blabbering about Sanders and his “great” victories at 2 low turnout ridiculous caucuses where Sanders supporters bullied and harassed other attendees. It makes me wonder if collectively this trio has any brains/smarts at all or if they really know Sanders hasn’t won much of anything yet and are just trying to jerk us around — making them just as fraudulent as he is.

His campaign is one huge turnoff not only for me but for almost every Dem voter I know. Not sure what Biden’s going to do, but Bloomberg isn’t fading away because he’s scared of Sanders. In fact, Bloomberg has the resources to uncover every little tidbit about Sanders , and he probably will. Sanders got away with it in 2016: history is not likely to repeat itself this time.

another comment:

Yeah Batista was such a shining light of compassion, caring, and liberal values. It’s a fact Castro brought literacy, medical care, and education. He broke up the big farms and plantations. Yes he did do a lot of good. Facts are facts. And lies are lies. Believing lies are facts do not make them so. Sanders is telling facts; his critics are telling lies.