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Yeah Sure WhatEVs1/22/2021 6:48:37 am PST

re: #106 Belafon

Great article. The end was especially important.

The two most important things we need to emphasize are that the vaccine can’t give anyone the coronavirus and that protection is not immediate. But beyond that, we need to emphasize that for those of us who had symptoms substantial enough to disrupt our normal activities, contracting COVID-19 itself would likely have been far worse. Even in what are considered “mild cases” of COVID-19, fever and cough can last for days and weeks, causing missed work and prolonged suffering. In moderate and severe cases, the need for oxygen, intensive care, and intubation can cause disability for months, and maybe longer. As we all know, critical cases can be fatal. The upshot is that if you didn’t like some of the symptoms caused by the coronavirus vaccine, be very glad you never had to experience the virus itself.

I’ve been concerned about giving initial vaccines to very old people for exactly what he said, a 95 year old person is statistically more likely to die from natural causes than a 40 or 60 year old, and those deaths would be seen by many as a result of the vaccine. I get the why, but I still think this wasn’t a good plan.