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ThomasLite2/07/2019 4:08:58 pm PST

re: #106 The Vicious Babushka

I had a boss (not Jewish) & his supervisor (also not Jewish) tell me Jewish jokes. They were not funny. I reported those assholes to HR and then I quit (I had to get another job offer first, but in the meantime it was horrible).

I had to leave my job but those dudes probably stayed for decades!

It is NEVER OK to repeat an ethnic joke and then say “but a (member of that group) told it to me!”

I see where you’re coming from.
Might also be a cultural difference, though; around here some of the more harmless stereotypes become a sort of good-natured interaction where genuinely noone would actually mean anything discriminatory, no matter where they’re on the political spectrum or whatnot.

And management has to be real careful about subordinate response to any kind of joke, what you’re telling sounds like a huge HR no-no even without a hint of an ethnic component TBH.

re: #111 A hollow voice says, Covfefe.

Where I come from, we’d refer to a PYFEG (pick your favorite ethnic group), instead of a Jew, but yes.

That’s literally the term you use? That’s quite nice, actually. Might have to remember that one.