Imam Rauf on CNN

NJDhockeyfan9/08/2010 7:32:14 pm PDT

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Ok - CNN (the liberal network)…2 rabids, a concern troll & Anderson Cooper saying there is blame on all sides…

fuck this shit.

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Comments on CNN:

They can have their Islamic Center and worship THEIR God in this country BUT they should not be allowed to smear the 9-11 hallowed ground caused by Islamic radicals…….that is an absolute slap in our collective faces……….I am an American FIRST and a liberal LAST………….

These Muslim animals deserve no rights here in America.

Sounds like blackmail to me. @#$% these Arabs.

He is concerned more about the threat from muslims overseas if they don’t build at GZ than the feelings inside the US??? What a bunch of BS.

blocking freedoms, yes.
mission complete to to the taliban, yes.

Is it just me or did that sly comment sound like a threat? Since the Islamic leader recognizes that it is a matter of national security then he shouldn’t mind us moving it a couple blocks down the street…