Jason Isbell With Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge: "White Man's World"

Citizen K1/28/2019 5:49:43 am PST

re: #112 HappyWarrior

See what gets me upset is how goddamn clueless white people are about many of our immigrant experiences yet love casting that stone. I see the usual suspects love to rag on Jorge Ramos and Univision(speaking of Ramos, haven’t heard from him in recent months) but ethnic newspapers were a big part of the European immigrant experience as were ethnic fraternal organizations. I even have my Great Grandfather mentioned as being part of a Slovene one in his obituary. And I have another one, a second great grandfather on the German side active in German-American societies. The more honest nativists like Coulter will admit that they’re threatened by these people because they look different. White people need to understand history better.

Unfortunately, we have folks on all sides insisting that ‘identity politics’ is evil and only makes racism worse, so we must always appeal to the ‘default’ American identity….which just happens to be the identity of straight white males……but don’t you dare point it out or you’re race baiting, you dirty country-destroying SJW.