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Jay C4/17/2019 6:35:42 am PDT

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Trump’s reason for vetoing the Yemen resolution? He considered it an attack on his presidential power. That’s huge, because it tells us how he’s going to respond to any efforts to hold him or his family accountable.

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Some points:
1. Maybe it’s a redundant reminder, but Daniel Larison at TAC has been, for a long time, a persistent foreign-policy non-interventionist, and in particular, a virulent critic of the Saudis’ war on Yemen and US support for it. (The phrase “lonely voice crying in the heedless wilderness” comes to mind, but there we are).
2. The disgraceful cretins which pass for our Foreign Policy Establishment these days have convinced themselves (if few others) that the Saudi campaign in Yemen is basically a proxy war against Iran*, so anything that can be spun as Fighting The Persian Devil is going to be relentlessly promoted, and the GOP, of course, will follow right along.
3. The war in Yemen is so little-known among the American public (except for Administration spin as in point 2 above), that as long as there are no US casualties involved, said public is likely to care even less.
4. Trump might have a vague point re restrictions on Presidential war powers - and of course, as long as there are more than 1/3-plus-one Republicans in either House of Congress, any resolution is unlikely to be of any use. But aside from the general “fuck you, I’ll veto” principle - which Trump, I’m sure, is only too willing to employ, I’m not sure it’s relevant to criminal/corruption charges, which (IMHO) are this Admin’s biggest failing.

*it isn’t, really.