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lawhawk5/08/2019 6:07:06 am PDT

re: #77 Anymouse 🌹

Trump’s simultaneously claiming it’s fake news, and confirming that he took massive and exaggerated losses to minimize his tax burden.

Except that he didn’t just minimize his tax burden.

He took NOLs for more than a decade and took more losses as an individual taxpayer than just about every other American during that period. The IRS keeps those stats, and it found that Trump repeatedly claimed the most losses among high income earners. That’s not normal.

And now that he’s admitting that he potentially exaggerated those losses, the IRS could open civil fraud investigation into those old returns (because there’s no actual SOL on civil tax fraud; criminal tax fraud does have a SOL, however).

Everything Trump does is a scam, and even when he tries to cover for one scam, he reveals others.