Bob Schneider: A Day in the Life of "Thor" [VIDEO]

A hollow voice says,1st round on points. Onward!9/26/2020 2:49:47 pm PDT

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I have to say, whatever is being done with my personal data, it is remarkably ineffective. I get a lot of ads that are completely irrelevant to my needs/interests. The only time I can remember clicking on an ad was a Kohl’s ad announcing a sale on jeans. Since Mr. C. was in need of some, I clicked through and bought a couple pairs. This was several (5+) years ago. The fact that I remember it should indicate how rare it is.

My favorite ads are the ones that I have absolutely no idea what they are trying to sell me. Generally that would be pictures of highly specialized tools or electronics and it makes me wonder why they thought I would want one of those things.

Every time I buy something on Amazon (which will happen less as things start opening again, so wear your damn mask) ads for that same something chase me all over the internet. Why would I want it if I just bought it?