Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

Dark_Falcon3/24/2010 10:55:00 am PDT

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Things in Nigeria seem to be still getting worse:

Nigeria: Islamic Zealots Seek Wider War

March 24, 2010: Religious tensions continue to grow in the Moslem north. This is complicated by most of the Moslem majority states in the north adopting Sharia (Islamic) law. This has led to violence, as lifestyle police have been more active enforcing lifestyle rules stipulated in Islamic law. But now the Sharia courts have gone online, issuing a decree banning Moslems from participating in online chats and message boards criticizing the recent (and first) amputation of a thief’s hand. A lot more of these amputations were expected in the north, because of the Sharia law being adopted. But there was much public anger against such punishments, and the Sharia court in the city of Kaduna saw that anger being stoked in certain online venues. The court can arrest and punish anyone in Kaduna, who has been caught online disobeying the ban. But the main effect of the ban is to increase resistance online, and throughout Nigeria, to Sharia law and religious intolerance. Meanwhile, Islamic websites are featuring more videos calling for religious war in Nigeria, and forcible conversion of that half of the population that is not Moslem.