National Review's Kevin D. Williamson: Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Hanged, and So Should Doctors

lostlakehiker9/28/2014 3:28:35 pm PDT

re: #112 Backwoods_Sleuth


I have to write very carefully here, and it would be nice if people would return the favor and read carefully. I carefully refrained from claiming that there was no country and no part of the US where abortion was illegal and the woman who got the abortion faced punishment. I wrote only that so far as I knew, they didn’t face execution.

Our NR author Kevin has crossed every last bridge with his opinion that they should be executed, and in so doing, he’s lost the company of even El Salvador and Mississippi. And that is kind of my point. His proposal has no meaningful backing anywhere and won’t gather any support from any quarter. And I reiterate my prediction that he’ll be sent packing from NR.