Twitter "Verifies" Charlottesville Nazi Rally Organizer Jason Kessler

Anymouse 🌹🎃11/08/2017 6:55:39 pm PST

re: #108 HappyWarrior

We could use more people like you out there AM. I mean I don’t begrudge someone like yourself who supported him. You thought the party should move to the left and he did raise some legitimate issues but as we’ve gotten at and i know you agree, he’s really proven himself ot be a disappointment. It just amazes me how a lot of my lefty friends who still adore him can be happy at the results of last night and still not see that he’s the problem not the soluton for the party and left.

Thanks for the complement. He did prove to be a disappointment. As it turns out, some good ideas do not a good candidate make.

That said, the Democratic Party incorporated a bunch of his ideas in its platform. I was further disappointed that Sen. Sanders only gave tepid support to Mrs. Clinton when the primaries were over.

That said, a lot of what Bernie Sanders ran on is similar to what Hillary Clinton supported in various ways throughout her career as well.