Colbert on Trump's Bizarre New Hampshire Rally: Ivanka Is Beautiful, Coronavirus Will Go Away by Itself

EPR-radar2/12/2020 1:17:04 pm PST

re: #103 PrairieQueen

If people think talking to concentration camp survivors is a wakeup call, try talking to the Germans that looked the other way throughout the war.

I’m not slighting those that survived or died at the hands of the Reich, but I’m pointing out the people that make excuses for what happened - all those “average” people - are scary as hell. And right now those same kinds of people are your crazy uncle at Christmas dinner, or your neighbor, your elderly dad glued to Fox News, or that nice lady at church.

What’s difficult to realize is that the Nazi regime was not the Mordor of The Lord of the Rings, with literal orcs running all over the country under the baleful Eye of Sauron.

Yes, it was as evil a regime as ever seen in history, but many people were able to stay out of trouble with the party bosses while more or less tacitly approving of the disappearance of various ‘undesirables’. That attitude is alive and well in the US Republican party.