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Florida Panhandler10/18/2020 7:44:40 pm PDT

re: #95 🌹UOJB!

Trump floated his Con Man trial balloon a few days ago about fleeing the country to test the reaction of the marks. He did so earlier then I thought he would. This means he is both worried but confident in his abilities to cause panic and fear amongst his abused following. His only hope is a 100% turnout and a Democratic diminishment/ undercount.

With his trial balloon already set free he will now undoubtedly flee the country before his term is even expired. He is probably aware the 25th Amendment is a possibility and even likely upon his election loss and his failed coup against the popular vote. He is already personally preparing destination possibilities right now. The only real variables at this point are do his criminal children also sense their culpability in the giant scam upon the American People and will they also flee.

I predict Putin will let him in but only upon Trump’s public statement about how Russia is now the example of “freedom” in the world and how far the United States has fallen and is doomed. This will complete the traitorous, self-serving behavior Trump has displayed for his entire life.

Melania will divorce him within 2 months of leaving the White House.