Overnight Open Thread

Pvt Bin Jammin2/04/2009 12:42:56 am PST

re: #105 turn

Liberal watching, a pastime of mine. Took the turnwife to an open air farmer’s market downtown last year (we live in Carmichael actually). Moonbat watching extraordinary. Been telling her about St. Pattycake for years, there was a moonbat who had a poster of her up in a booth and he was hawking Obama propaganda and such. The turnwife started to go ask the guy what the poster was all about and I had to turn her away. Needless to say exit stage left.

You have to come down to check out our resident barfly lib ( I might be the conservative barfly but who cares). I am 61. This guy is probably 67 but he’s an old Berkeley graduate. He absolutely goes into contortions if we say anything, anything at all, but he constantly runs his mouth.