Dumbest Man on Internet Screams: 10 ISIS Fighters Caught at Southern Border! DHS Says: False.

ausador10/08/2014 12:44:36 pm PDT

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atrios comments “genius, really”:

Conservative Columnist: Is The Government Orchestrating The Ebola Crisis To Confiscate Guns?

WND’s Brittany: Ebola And “Disposable FEMA Coffins” Could Point To “Martial Law”

has anybody here covered this one yet?

anyway, my question is what th fuck is a “disposable coffin”??

They are the burial vaults stored by the thousands by FEMA in georgia and other locations, they are not coffins, coffins go inside them.

Big conspiracy theory fodder since FEMA has stockpiles of these things scattered around the country, they bought almost a billion dollars worth of them. Why? Hell if I really know, never bothered trying to debunk this particular meme so I haven’t done any research.